The Ocean Revives

Oceano Reddentes is a registered non profit charity and brainchild of  13 year old Jade Bothma

Oceano Reddentes expresses it’s mission as “Saving the sea one piece of plastic at a time”

With a strong vision to save the ocean and build homes for those in need.

In her own words.

It all started when I was watching my favourite documentary called Chasing Coral.
I really wanted to help the coral reefs being bleached but there are not many coral reefs where I live in South Africa.

I wondered how someone as young as me could make a difference. Surfing and the ocean are my passion and I have always wanted to help people.
Beach clean ups are done but what happens to the plastic collected? Where does it end up?

I came up with an idea to make eco bricks for five minutes every time I go to the beach or go surfing and encouraging surf programs and people visiting the beach to do the same.

When we have enough bricks we will build a house for a homeless person out of eco bricks and hopefully many houses in future.

I feel the need to educate my generation to help protect the ocean from plastic pollution.

Become a plastic warrior and start making eco bricks no matter where in the world you are. If you have made eco bricks we would love to see photos.
— Jade Bothma