Oceano Reddentes has a four pronged approach to save our oceans and turn plastic waste into a commodity


Teaching the youth through surf programs,  Zero Waste to Landfill beach clean ups and school visits:

In South Africa the previous generations’ mission was fighting against apartheid.

A vital mission for youth today is to help save the environment and to preserve it for future generations. This can only happen by educating the youth.


Research about plastic and sustainability: backing up our project with scientific research.  Using data collection and brand data collection at beach cleanups to educate, engage and create change.


Use of the eco bricks created and collected to build houses for those in need.


To get vulnerable, marginalised and disadvantaged communities involved so that they can benefit from the production of eco bricks as well as the clean-up of plastic waste from communities. Donating the proceeds of recycling from our beach cleanups to identified waste pickers. We aim to design a simple machine that shreds and packs eco bricks. We will make them quicker and faster, with machines in all areas.

People are rewarded for recycling plastic = value per kg